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The Complete Guide To Wearing A Kilt

New to kilt wearing? Making sense of how to wear an outfit so saturated with convention and legacy can appear to be overwhelming.

Regardless of whether you've been wearing a kilt since you were a fellow, recollecting how to wear all the kilt adornments can be a test.

We should begin with the nuts and bolts, will we?

Your kilt ought to be folded over your body with the creases to the back and the cook's garments overlapping at the front. The edges should tumble to one side hand side.

A kilt is intended to be worn high on the abdomen (over your navel), making it drop down to the center of the knee.

Regardless of whether you pick an easygoing three or five catch petticoat or choose to run full formal with a Prince Charlie jacket and vest combo, your choice ought to dependably supplement the hues in your kilt.

The jacket is ordinarily kept open to flaunt the petticoat's cleaned catches.

Kilt belts and clasps by and large run more extensi…

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